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25th April 2012

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A lesson in nutrition (this knowledge is essential for fat loss!)

As expected, my low carb post prompted a couple of messages of people telling me why low-carb diets are unhealthy. In order to lose weight, we need to understand the science of nutrition! So here’s a message I got, and my response that I think everyone should know for their own benefit.

liveloveandworkout: My Health & Nutrition teacher says that at least 50-60% of your daily intake should be carbohydrates (your body’s favorite source of energy), 25% healthy fats and (if you’re working out) 25% protein. If you work out less, it’s supposed to be 30% fat and 20% protein for women. Carbohydrates are actually your body’s favorite source of energy, and we learned that low-carb diets can give you bad breath due to acetone caused by ketosis. AKA, bad breath and in the worst case, you can start smelling like acetone. (Nail polish remover, anyone?) So I don’t recommend that, just cut back on fats.

Me: Your health and nutrition teacher is giving you outdated information, (left over from a 1984 study that has been proven wrong) which is really disappointing because teachers should keep up with their fields

  1. Carbs are your body’s “favorite” energy source because they are most easily broken down (into glucose) and accessed by your body. However, when you are trying to lose fat, you don’t want your body to get all of its energy form glucose in your blood stream, you want your body to get its energy by burning its fat stores!
  2. When you eat carbohydrates, you body produces insulin, which increases activity of lipoprotein lipase (LPL). LPL is responsible for pulling fatty acids into your fat cells. When your insulin levels drop again, your body using that fat for fuel, but if you are constantly eating carbs, your insulin levels stay high.
  3. The way I eat will not at all send me into ketosis. The maximum amount of carbs you can eat a day and still experience ketosis is approximately 100, but in order to undergo the extreme symptoms you describe, you would have to cut back to 30 carbs/day. I restrict myself to about 60 grams just from starches and grains, but I get another 100 grams from legumes, vegetables, fruits (fructose), and other sugars. Ketosis is not dangerous, however, for someone that needs to lose body fat.
  4. After extensive research, I have found that in order to put on muscle, exercising women should eat one gram of protein for every gram of their bodyweight. For me, that’s 135g, or 540 calories from protein. I eat 1500 calories most days, so about 35% of my calories come from protein. Another 40% comes from carbs, and the last 25% comes from fat. This is a perfectly healthy ratio for someone trying to put on muscle.


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