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24th April 2012

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cutting back on carbs

After reading a lot of promising research on the success of low-carb diets, I decided to give it a try. Nothing extreme like the atkins diet, but I am trying to eat no more than two servings (approximately 30g carbs) daily of grains or starches, and limit any sugary foods to two servings/week. I’m not limiting my fruit intake because that would make me a miserable person. So far so good. Cravings between meals have gone down a lot, especially for sweet things, and my energy levels haven’t noticeably dropped. 

One easy way to cut carbs from your meals without feeling unsatisfied is to replace them with legumes (beans, nuts and seeds). I’d personally rather eat chickpeas or pistachios instead of rice or pasta anyway, and this strategy also ups healthy fat and protein intake. 

This is an example of one type of meal I would make using legumes: instead of my usual stir fry, I made a broccoli, garbanzo bean, and edemame salad topped with seared tuna and a sesame-lime-wasabi dressing. 355 calories, 48 grams of protein. 

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